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Future Internet Assembly, Stockholm, Sweden, November 23 - 24, 2009

More information about this event is available at and on the Future Internet website.

23 Nov 2009

09.45 - 10.30: Socio-economic views on the Future Internet (Plenary)

'Chaired by:' Burkhard Stiller

11.15-18.00 Future Internet Topic Break-out Sessions

In preparation for FIA Stockholm the FISE group assessed the proposed topics and selected contributions most appropriate to socio-economics. This included architectures and business models, smart cities, enterprises and how to measure trust. A representative from FISE attended each of the selected groups either as a presenter or an observer during the topic sessions on 23 Nov 2009 to provide socio-economic viewpoints during discussions. Each representative summarised the outcome of topic sessions during the FISE working group meeting on 24 Nov. The initial position statement provided by the FISE group is available below:

24 November 2009

09.00 - 11.00 Future Internet Socio-Economics (FISE) Working Group

TimeAgenda ItemName
09.00-09.10IntroductionBurkhard Stiller
09.10-09.30Panel summary of break-out sessions from a FISE perspectiveSergios Soursos, Michael Boniface, Burkhard Stiller, Simon Delaere
09.30-09.45Brainstorming key SE questionschaired by Michael Boniface
09.45-10.45Focused discussion around questionschaired by Michael Boniface
10.45-11.00Summary and next stepschaired by Sergios Soursos

Working group feedback presentations:

Working group minutes:

Stockholm Preparatory FIA Caretakers Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, 18 October 2009

'Participants from FISE: Burkhard Stiller'

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