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FISE Scenarios and Effects

In the aftermath of FIA Madrid and with an eye on FIA Prague, the EC has asked each cross-domain working group to provide scenarios for the Future Internet, identify how these scenarios would affect areas of interest to the working group, and suggest research topics to elicit positive effects. This input will be used by the EC to direct the discussion on the Future Internet and allocate related funding.

To constrain an otherwise open-ended task, the initial version includes 4 scenarios (see below). Assuming that each scenario is a reality in 10 years from now, its effects on areas related to socioeconomics have been considered: education, healthcare, the economy and business, social relationships, and the environment. Finally, a few research topics to resolve conflicting effects are proposed.

The lists are by no means complete. So, please feel invited to comment, modify, and augment. You may also add new scenarios and affected areas, but please follow the implied structure. In either case, turn ‘track changes’ on.

Editor: Spiros Spirou

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